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Reisen – She likes to dress up but only lets her master touch her.

Going Unconscious

Going Unconscious¬†– You don’t get many better last views than this.

Gold Value

Value – The only thing better than gold is the lack thereof.

Disclosure Anime

Disclosure – Each little secret taken off is a step closer to sexy time.

Enticement Anime

Enticement – I don’t think I’ll be leaving the Moriya shrine for a while.

Prepareness Anime

Prepareness – A counter is only effective if it is caught off-guard.

Awesome Global Warming

Global Warming – Climate scientist now attribute Earth’s increased hotness to Pilates, the south beach diet and a new set of ” awesome” breast implants.

Izaya Anime

Izaya – No wonder he’s a troll, with all the stress from self control, it’s just natural.

My Beer

My Beer – How did I ever forget that I left it there.

Gemmie A Break

Gemmie A Break – And break me off a piece of dat kit-Kat bar.

Caturday Is Ending

Caturday Is Ending – So be sure to give your catgirl some last bit of loving.

Holding On

Holding On – How to correctly hold on in a moving train… No, No! The older guy by the door!

Two Players To Watch

Two Players To Watch – When there isn’t an extra controller open, the only thing to do is to watch.

Photographic Jewels

Photographic Jewels – Camera flash reflecting from an earring is less noticeable if a necklace is worn.