Tag: Hot

Nerd It Up

Nerd It Up – You’re doing it right.

Girls Scouts

Girls Scouts – Some will do anything to sell those damn cookies.

Flavoring Anime

Flavoring – Amazing how one or two slits changes the entire taste of the dish.

Hipsters Girl

Hipsters – I had some snappy remark, but I forgot…

Time Off

Time Off – Kick off the uniform and enjoy your sounds.

Trick Or Teat

Trick Or Teat – I have the weirdest wooden stake right now…

That One Moment

That One Moment – When you realized she asked a question and you weren’t paying any attention at all.

Barbie Doll

Barbie Doll – Now available in full size. Now available in full size

Lack Of Booze

Lack Of Booze – Just as bad for your inhibitions.

Hot Twins

Hot Twins – Twice as fun and vastly multiplying the pleasure factor.

German Hot Fans

German Hot Fans – Australia’s not only country with hot fans.

Breeding Education

Breeding – You can’t expect much when you send kids out without a proper education.

Australian Kiss

Australian Kiss – Sort of like a french kiss, but down under.