Tag: Games

Lara Croft Reboot

Lara Croft Reboot – Just like married men leaving their spouse for a younger woman.

Dating A Mom

Dating A Mom – Like continuing from someone else’s saved game.


MMORPG – Many men online role playing as girls.

Irony Game

Irony – Playing “Risk” in Afghanistan.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush – This is the true face of Starcraft.

Hope For Your Level

Hope – Because she just might want to hear about your 12th level Paladin.

Girls And Gaming

Girls And Gaming – They may not know what they’re doing But really, who’s complaining?

Life Is A Game

Life – You belive this is a game, and you may be right. But if you think you can play it better than me, think

Sudoku: Bored Life

Sudoku – For when you’re bored of life and are pretty much just waiting for the end.

Having No Life

Having No Life – Is better than a life without video games.

Lego Escher

Lego Escher – Proof that some people have WAY too much time on their hands!

Call Of Duty M.W.3

Call Of Duty M.W.3 – Why do they come out with a new game every years? It shouldn’t take them that long to copy/paste.

Hot Gamer Girls

Hot Gamer Girls – Yes we do exist. So make your own d*mn sammich boys. I’m busy pwning noobs and getting free stuff from flirting.

Battle Shots

Battle Shots – Good idea though but still… Remember when people just went to bars?

Keeps Getting Harder

Keeps Getting Harder – There is a reason why men happen to be natural at gaming and why women only like to play occasionally.

Video Game Life

VIDEO GAME. – My Life Is Like A Video Game, I Lost The Game. Just Waiting For The Time To Run Out !