Tag: Games

Mind Games

Mind Games – When you see it, you’ll s**t bricks.

Bad Video Game Movies

Bad Video Game Movies – They don’t like me as Lana Lang, but they’ll love me as Chun Li.

League Of Legends

League Of Legends – It’s a crazy game of crazy people, and it’s crazy fun to play.

Gamer Girls Look

Gamer Girls – Yes she looks pretty, but does she understand she is looking the wrong way?

Gamers View

Gamers – They have a different mindset.

Twister Ads

Twister – It’s only the best game ever.

Lonely Emo Guys

Loneliness – Lonely Emo guys with a tragic past? I smell a new final fantasy!

Annoyance When Playing

Annoyance – Is not being able to finish the level… and knowing who’s responsible.

Kochiya Sanae

Kochiya Sanae – Wants to play games with Flaem no matter the reason.

Perspective Gamer

Perspective – You see a hero, they see the final boss of the dungeon crawl.

Priorities Game Consoles

Priorities – Because having two of the three next gen consoles is way more important than a big TV.