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Parental Photobomb

Parental Photobomb – Your dad is ruining your photo album… Again.

Father To Son

Father To Son – When my father died I cried and I cried for what I’d lost so deep inside I hold each day my

Fatherly Advice

Fatherly Advice – My Father once told me “Son if you want people to listen to what you have to say, claim it’s something your


Mommy – Why does daddy want a time machine and a condom for the father’s day?

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day – To all those men who don’t know that they are fathers… Happy father’s day. Next time-wear a condom.

Life With Dad

Life With Dad – I Wish I Ever Had A Chance to Show This To My Dad …

The Talk: Father And Son

The Talk – Son, you’re all grown up now, I think it’s time we talk about these things that happen between boys and girls… Sure,

Work From Home

Work From Home – The illusion that watching adult material all day will get junior into college.

Relax Son

Relax Son: You need to grow a little bit more before you can be a real cock. Take your time … the hens will wait.