Tag: Fail

Parental Photobomb

Parental Photobomb – Your dad is ruining your photo album… Again.

Women Driver

Women Driver – It’s cute when you try to do man things.

Great Awards

Awards – Because… Your high school guidance counselor said you wouldn’t amount to anything.

Cute Self Portraits

Cute Self Portraits – Impossible when your little sister is photobombing you.

Epic Fail

Epic Fail – For some things, there’s just no excuse.

Straw Fail

Straw Fail – What idiot thought up this idea?

Window Stop

Window Stop – Well you’ve got to keep the window open with something.

Transport Fail

Transport Fail – Just need Your MaMa to sit on the front bumper, then we gtg!

Some People

Some People – Need a high five … in the face … with a chair.

Regret Is To Late

Regret – Because it’s too late and you can’t afford a new one.

Having Faith

Having Faith – Having faith is a good thing but following someone BLINDLY, might just be the worst mistake of your life.