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Dogs Criminals

Criminals – Break the rules one stinking time and they never ever let you forget it.

Commando Underwear

Commando – No underwear is not always an acceptable shortcut to happiness.


Indognito – On the set Spaniel L. Jackson, Pup Friction.

Meditative Meals

Meditative Meals – mmmmm… feel the cow, be the cow, eat the cow, poop the cow.

Go Get The Banana

Go Get The Banana – It’s up on the counter, no, there’s nothing in my hand, listen to me, go inside, it’s up on the,


Patience – Rewards come only at the end.

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures – This better than riches to scratch where it itches with no regard as to whom may see.


Criticism – If you’re not going to be constructive, at least try to mock respectfully.

Internet Dating Tip #2

Internet Dating Tip #2 – Even though you are only seeing stars, sometimes there is a lot of sh*t behind a cute smile, that, my

Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean – I Believe the floor is clean enough to eat off now.

2 Minds

2 Minds – Dream alike till they wake up and the cartoon begins.

Luxury Dog

Luxury – If you can get that s**t, you take it!

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs – Like regular dogs only creepier.

I’m All Alone

Gone – You left me alone, the gate swung open, I searched high and low, now I’m lost, far from home, hungry and cold, find

Your Dog

Your Dog – You told him to call it quit after the first 6-pack. But does he listen?

Recycling Dog

Recycling – I pooped…and I ate it. (just makes ya feel proud)

About Hunger

Hunger – Some hunger for love, some hunger for fame. Some hunger for recognition, others, they just hunger.

Yoda The Pug

YODA THE PUG – Pooped in your shoe I have …