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Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide – Before you go any further, we should first check a couple of things.

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet – Getting friend zoned… With Benefits.

A Nagging Wife

A NAGGING WIFE – Means that she still cares. It is when she gives you the silent treatment that she is plotting your gruesome murder.

90 People

90 PEOPLE – have swine flu and everyone wants to wear a mask. A million people have AIDS, and nobody wants to wear a condom.

Vodka Smirnoff

Vodka Smirnoff – Whether it’s building up courage or breaking down inhibitions, vodka is working for you.

Mr. Miagi

Mr. Miagi – Wax on.. wax off.. wax off.. wax off…

Good Women

Good Women – They can bring balance to your life!

Wow.. Lazy?

Wow – And you thought your girlfriend was lazy.


Rohyphnol – When traditional dating methods just aren’t cutting it!


Dad – Meet my new boyfriend.

Fear Of

Fear Of – While your busy bitchin’ about your job or never getting the breaks just think about how this guys day is gonna go.


Coolness – Yeah, you’re cool… but are you 4-popped-collars cool?