Tag: Costumes

Japan Nerds

Japan – Even their nerds are better than ours.


Steam-punk – If you do it right it’s not just a setting, it’s a state of mind.

Ogre Love

Ogre Love – It’s a beautiful thing.

Costumes Overkill

Overkill – Ladies, the type of guys who attend Cons don’t need any provocation to stare slack-jawed at the opposite sex. Costumes are overkill. Cleavage

Super Powers Hero

Super Powers Hero Can give you a woody faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive.

Boobs Costume

Boobs – Mean never having to defend the accuracy of your costume.

Time Travel

Time Travel – Please tell me it exists, because I need to go back and never look at this s**t again.

Iron Man

Iron Man – The early screen test.

Fat Spider-Man

Spider-Man – Looks like the only thing he has been fighting lately is the urge to get off the couch.

Virgins Boys

Virgins: They use condoms too ! And your Mom was so worried you didn’t …. good boy !