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Jeep-Ortunities – Driving over something, just because you can.

Ran Into My Ex

Ran Into My Ex – Then I put it in reverse and did it again.

Having A Bad Day

Having A Bad Day – Don’t worry that’s when we go come to the rescue.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy – Runs on hay and water. Droppings still an issue.

Skill To Fail

Skill – It takes a special kind of talent to fail this hard.

Big Block

Big Block – Because hybrids are for pussies.

A Fault Confessed

A Fault Confessed – Is half redressed… and if you’ve thanked, Is almost like it never happened.

American Muscle

American Muscle – Because the king of the jungle should roar, not whistle.

Help Me Jesus

Help Me Jesus – Help me Jewish God, help me Allah, help me Tom Cruise.

Law Enforcement

LAW ENFORCEMENT – Every profession has their focus and priorities …

Trunk Love Test

Love Test – 1. Lock dog and girl in a trunk 2. Wait 15 minutes 3. Open the trunk. WHO WILL JUMP FOR JOY?

Imminent Failure

Imminent Failure – By the time you get that oh sh** feeling, it’s already too late.

Flat Tire

Flat Tire – Why worry, when the airbags are just fine…

Ironic Names

IRONIC NAMES – Kinda like bald guys named curly or fat guys called tiny.

Even He Knows !

EVEN HE KNOWS! – Have you seen the price of gas these days? … It’s a doggone shame! …

Darwin: YR TM S UP

DARWIN : YR TM S UP – The last message the driver’s cell phone received.