Tag: Car

Car Wash

Car Wash – It may cost more to get it done by hand, but it’s worth it.


Damn – It’s not mine.

Hello Dad

Hello Dad – There is something I want to tell you about…

Women Getting Into A Car

Dear God – I just saw a woman getting into a car the wrong way …through the driver’s door.


Overachieve – Issuing a parking ticket is for the lazy.


Multi Classing – All the disadvantages of both and the benefits of neither.

Go Further

Go Further – Obstacles are just opportunities in disguise.

Hairstyles Priorities

Priorities – No matter what, always make sure your hair says “I’m ready”!

Some Things

Some Things – Are hard to explain to your parents.

After Divorce

Divorce – You take the car, I’ll take the truck.

My Dear

My Dear – I have something to confess, I’m married. Pffft… You scared me… I thought the BMW wasn’t yours.

Under Control

Control – If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.

Hey Dad

Hey Dad – What’s for dinner? Venison…on the grill.

Rocket Toilets

Rocket Toilets – Because if shit’s gonna fly, it might as well be at light speed.

Wisdom Is Not

Wisdom – It’s not measured by your choice of car but by whether the car fits in your garage.