Tag: Blonde

German Hot Fans

German Hot Fans – Australia’s not only country with hot fans.

Those Days

Those Days – Usually come in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Superdeluxe Anime

Superdeluxe Anime – There’s no need to go with art inferior Victoria’s Secret when you can have Mike’s secret.

Caturday Rin

Caturday Rin – The perfect thing to wake up to.

Perfect Utopia

Utopia – A perfect and peaceful society where all women look this good.

Superiority Anime

Superiority – A man can’t just go on the podium without looking down at the bottom.


Smurfette – Seriously? Are you reading this?

Aspirations Famous

Aspirations – She wanted to be famous when she grew up. Be careful what you wish for.

Be Careful

Be Careful – Don’t drop your cell phone! Those are expensive!

Mornings Anime

Mornings Anime – The hardest part is getting out of bed.