Tag: Black and White

Why Do We Wait

Why Do We Wait – Until something has died to remember how beautiful it was?

Merry Go Around

Merry Go Around – All that shines turns to rust, All that stands in time turns to dust.

It’s Not True

It’s Not True – I had nothing on… I had the radio on.

If I Could

If I Could – Take it all back I wouldn’t.


Delusion – Be dishonest with yourself the possibilities are endless.

About Hunger

Hunger – Some hunger for love, some hunger for fame. Some hunger for recognition, others, they just hunger.

Lifestyle Ride

Lifestyle – I’d rather get a free ride to a place I’ve never been before, Than have to pay to go somewhere I visit every


Misery – When those you love are unreliable. When those you hate are the same people.

Gambling Odds

Gambling – A smart man thinks he can beat the odds. A dumb man knows he can.

Keeps Getting Harder

Keeps Getting Harder – There is a reason why men happen to be natural at gaming and why women only like to play occasionally.

Prairie Proverbs

PRAIRIE PROVERBS – Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry at night.

English Literature

English Literature – I’m sure my college professor said we were studying irony. But my husband said no, it was ironing.


Insignificant – I may not seem like much to the outside observer, but to people who know me well I seem like even less.

The Only Thing Worse

The Only Thing Worse – Than a captain who never flew as a co-pilot, Is a co-pilot who once was a captain.

A Journey

A Journey – Black & White to color right and wrong to character love and hate to desire from birth to death our choices.

Oh Whitney

OH WHITNEY – You make it seem so easy.


Seniority – People do not become old to die, But to realize they had a life.

Save The Planet

Save The Planet – Kill yourself. Truth – No one wants to admit it.