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Supermodels – Fun to look at, don’t eat much.

He Is Tired

He Is Tired – Of hauling your a$$ around all day.

Emo Hitler

Emo Hitler – He killed over six million Jews, just to see if he could feel anything.

Death Victory

Death – Is so sure of its victory, that it gives us an entire life of advantage.

Humanity Need

Humanity – At what point does it stop being greed and starts being need?

Love Is Fickle

Love Is Fickle – But lust is as pure as winter’s first snowflake.

In The End

In The End – Only memories stay with you.

Silence is

Silence – The most powerful scream.


Patience – The notion of waiting for your true love is a viable, meaningful, romantic pursuit. There does come a point, however, where you have


Remnant – I don’t think about you any more, I don’t think about you any less.

Proof Positive

Proof Positive – Sometimes blondes just don’t get it.

Bride From Asia

Mail Order Bride From Asia – Next time, make sure you mention female and human.