Tag: Bikini


Shutterbugs – Finding an interesting subject is half the battle.

Wink Wink

Wink Wink – I’ll supply the nudge nudge.

Variety Flavors

Variety – Pepsi is a wonderful thing, but don’t forget the cherry and vanilla flavors.

Relabel Anime

Relabel – You can remove the swirly logo, but Pepsi is still Pepsi.


Shimapan – It’s all you need.

Superdeluxe Anime

Superdeluxe Anime – There’s no need to go with art inferior Victoria’s Secret when you can have Mike’s secret.

Self Image

Self Image – Never let the ideal of beauty overcome your true self.

Day Off Anime

Day Off – Because a gardener needs time off too.

Gender Bending

Gender Bending – Pi$$ing off fan-girls all around the world.

Lust Anime

Lust – Temptation isn’t so much a sin that it is a necessity.

Sexy Architecture

Architecture – Structure determines function, and that function is sexy.


Functionality – There’s a time where you have to wonder what the point is.

Perfect Utopia

Utopia – A perfect and peaceful society where all women look this good.

Superiority Anime

Superiority – A man can’t just go on the podium without looking down at the bottom.

Floppy Sun Hats

Floppy Sun Hats – A sure sign of high society and sophistication.

Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal Advertising – I know I want her but suddenly I am having a craving for a hot dog too.