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Russian Beauty

Russian Beauty – If she was actually a spy… I wouldn’t mind a serious interrogation.


Caption – Not required.


Sigh! I swear I’m not the only one to do that again and again.


Coconuts – She’s got a couple of beauties.

Those Eyes

Those Eyes – Relax, she’s not looking at you!


Shibarikini – Admit it, you want one too now.

Back Packs

Back Packs – Never have they looked so good.

Hypnotic Stare

Hypnotic Stare – Denise originality trained to be a hypnotist but she can’t seem to get anyone to look her in the eyes.

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory – In the beginning there was nothing… Which exploded.


Admiration – No matter how much fun you have, never miss the opportunity to watch the beauty.


Charisma – Because you don’t need a tight red leather corset and sparkling hair to garner everyone’s attention.


Pageants – Miss Canada looks to be a leading contender for the miss world camel toe crown.

Priority Men

Priority – No man will ever look the same way at woman’s intellect.


Purity – The reason clean white sheets inspire dirty thoughts.

Blessed Women

Blessed – One of these women has been blessed with natural beauty and talent. The other one is wearing black.

Miss Turkey 2010

Turkey – This is the version some would prefer at Thanksgiving – Miss Turkey 2010.

Break Up

Break Up – All prayers are answered if we are willing to admit that sometimes the answer is no.

No Your Face Is Beautiful

No Your Face Is Beautiful – But I think you should really consider double bagging that personality.