Tag: Beautiful Girls

Booth Babes

Booth Babes – I have no interest in your product. I’m gonna stand here for a while.

Justified Lying

Justified Lying – I swear on my mother’s grave, if you move the ceiling will collapse!

Golf For Gentlemens

Golf РThe inventors called it Golf (ie. Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden).

Now Look At Me

Now Look At Me – Now look at your wife! Now back to me.

Baggy Pants

Baggy Pants – Not always Gangsta, not always bad.

Beer And Women

Beer And Women – The cause and solution to all life’s problems.

Separate Vacations

Separate Vacations – It’s nice to get away from the wife once a year, specially if I’ll be spending two weeks on a twiddy beach

Happiness In Bed

Happiness – Is a fresh clean bed with a serious reason to stay in it.