Tag: Beautiful Girls


Ambitions – Mine always was to live in a Penthouse!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – The new ZX1000 robot “locates her G spot” Competition just got harder.

Car Wash

Car Wash – It may cost more to get it done by hand, but it’s worth it.

Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Xtreme Beach Volleyball – It’s not who wins or loses, but how long I can stare and drool.

Gamer Girls Look

Gamer Girls – Yes she looks pretty, but does she understand she is looking the wrong way?

Ladies First

Ladies First – Is just nice way to say “Come on, go first, so I can stare at your a$$”

Woman’s Wisdom

Woman’s Wisdom – Why argue with a man if you can start crying or just get n@k#d.

Blondes Girls

Blondes Girls – Easier that brunettes, just not as smart.