Tag: Beautiful Girls

Twins Beautiness

Twins Beautiness – Twice the possibilities. For you, twice the failure.

Californian Coffee

Californian Coffee – No really, look in her hands, she brought Coffee.

Two Airbags

Airbags – Two are always better then one.

Just Beer

Beer – Yeah, I didn’t see at first either.

Dating Tip

Dating Tip – No matter how hot she looks, avoid any woman that appears able to bench press you.

That One Moment

That One Moment – When you realized she asked a question and you weren’t paying any attention at all.

The Best Luck

The Best Luck – I saw my girlfriend without makeup and she is not ugly.

Pools Brings Out The Best

Pools Brings Out The Best – Of our girls since the “Great Bath” at Mohenjo-Dario in 3rd millennium BC.

Jealousy Women

Jealousy – Because some women can’t pull off a sweater dress.


ABS – Please remove one more button, for science.


Burqa – You are doing it wrong. –by SANDRO-

Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal Advertising – I know I want her but suddenly I am having a craving for a hot dog too.