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Abstinence Only

Abstinence Only – Your program has no chance against opponents like these.

Male Optical Illusion

Male Optical Illusion – Stare at the picture for about 30 seconds and a beach will begin to appear.


Wisdom – Being single doesn’t mean than you know nothing about love. Sometimes, being solo is wiser than being in a false relationship.


Alternatives – If you can’t afford a vacation, you can always drink until you don’t know where you are.

Sweet Innocence

Sweet Innocence – She’s been on more  laps than a restaurant napkin.

Hit The Beach

Hit The Beach – It’s where we try to keep the sun off our skin, the saltwater off our bodies and the sand out of

Australia Day

Australia Day – Like we need an excuse to get drunk.

Day By Day

Day By Day – Nothing Changes… But When You look Back Everything is Different.


Credulity – They only invited you because they knew you wouldn’t come.

Beach Volleyball

BEACH VOLLEYBALL – The world’s fastest growing spectator sport.

A Wasted Trip

A Wasted Trip – Because you spent a lot of money of fly to Hawaii to see the surfers, and you missed it because of

News Flash

News Flash – Salt water destroys Ninja cloaking powers.

I Don’t Always Workout

I DON’T ALWAYS WORKOUT – But when I do, it’s in black, so it is like a funeral for my fat …

Hard Work

Hard Work – It pays off later, laziness pays off now.

Life Guards

Life Guards – With such floatation device, she doesn’t need any.


Competition – Because not only man compare their sizes!


Life – You finally get your day in the sun and then: sand ninjas.


Self Control – This man is the master of it. Indecision – This man has it.