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No I In Team

No I In Team: There are two “U”s in “Shut your freakin’ piehole”, though.


CO-DEPENDENCE:  I keep him fed and he keeps me sane.

Ninja Cat

Ninja Cat – By the time you see it, you’re already dead.

Face Your Mistakes

Mistakes: Face your mistakes and accept them … Although some times that ain’t enough …


Introspection: I hold a couple of grudges, could have had a couple of touches, If I hadn’t had a couple of crutches.

Her Steed

Her Steed: Just because it’s bigger doesn’t always make it more likable. Most of the time it does, but not all the time. After all,

Come Along, Honey

Come Along, Honey: Let’s find a little privacy at my place where we can get to know each other and make some beautiful music together


Castaway: Maybe next time when you and your seal friends are bored you wont suggest going to the club.


Babysitting – I should have learned to fish, these kids nowdays have no respect.


Bunny – He will destroy you and feast on your soul.


SOPA – Don’t worry it’s King Kong’s baby only, wait when daddy will arrive


Courage – Do One Brave Thing Today

Power Leveling

Power Leveling – When you just don’t have the time to dick around


Curiosity – You Newer Know what You Can Find