Tag: Animals

Mounting A Camel

Mounting A Camel – You’re doing it wrong. The Camel – Thinks differently.

Parenting Priorities

Priorities – Take the picture, then save your child from being eaten alive.

Sad Animal

Sad Animal – F*** It, I’m going home.

Forgive Me

Forgive Me – It’s just your head looks a lot like an acorn.

EMO Bunny

EMO Bunny – Nobody understands him


Elephants – They’re into some kinky shit.


Firefox – Is already running but is not responding.


Desperation – Can provide unexpected strength!


Skills – Can’t beat them.


Distractions – Sometimes there are ulterior motives involved.

Camouflage Tiger

Camouflage Tiger – It’s so crazy that it just might work.

Your Rules

Your Rules – I am higher than them.

Relax Son

Relax Son: You need to grow a little bit more before you can be a real cock. Take your time … the hens will wait.