Tag: Accident

Lines Precision

Precision – Some people just never were very good at coloring within the lines.

Wrong Imitation

Imitation – Crotch rockets may resemble fighter jets, but their ejection mechanism is far less graceful.

Nothing To See Here

Nothing To See Here –  It’s just a Transformers, things would have been different for the owners if they would have had www.insurancepartnership.org/motor-trade-insurance/ insurance.


Infaceon – Bike racing term for checking tire pressure with your face.

Face Tattoo

Face Tattoo – Freestyle bicycle will help you get your own free of charge.

Sh*t Happens

Sh*t Happens – Sometimes really really fast.

Men’s Stuff

Men’s Stuff – My truck is bigger than your truck.

Skill To Fail

Skill – It takes a special kind of talent to fail this hard.

Imminent Failure

Imminent Failure – By the time you get that oh sh** feeling, it’s already too late.


Reliability – Claiming such doesn’t make it true.

Darwin: YR TM S UP

DARWIN : YR TM S UP – The last message the driver’s cell phone received.

High Scores

High Scores – They’re really important to some people.

Oh My God

Oh My God – Look at those gas prices.

Face Your Mistakes

Mistakes: Face your mistakes and accept them … Although some times that ain’t enough …