Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams – If you don’t fear the reprisal, you’d do the same.

70 Years Old

70 Years Old – And still hotter then today’s whining starlets!

China Dress Anime

China Dress – No matter what you’re figure it”ll make you look sexy.

Ikea Cat

Ikea Cat – You assembled it wrong.

Keep In Mind

Keep In Mind – She is 14, and we don’t care.

Wink Wink

Wink Wink – I’ll supply the nudge nudge.

Superdeluxe Anime

Superdeluxe Anime – There’s no need to go with art inferior Victoria’s Secret when you can have Mike’s secret.

Caturday Rin

Caturday Rin – The perfect thing to wake up to.

Day Off Anime

Day Off – Because a gardener needs time off too.

Nature Anime Girl

Nature – It’s all good well when nothing is trying to kill or r**e you.

Perfect Utopia

Utopia – A perfect and peaceful society where all women look this good.


Photography – It’s all about the camera angle.

Studying Bunny

Studying – The world’s leading cause of spontaneous napping.

Ambition Anime

Ambition – It is not strength but desire that move us.