Bombshells Anime

Bombshells – A rolling thunder just isn’t as pretty without the roar.

His Girlfriend

His Girlfriend – Was supposed to come out in 5 minutes.

Leave It To Humans

Leave It To Humans – To spend youth chasing after wealth and then, Spend wealth chasing after youth.

Contemplation Anime

Contemplation Anime – Sometimes it just has to be you and your mind to figure something out.


Oshizu-Chan – If she’s not a pe**ert than neither am i.

Here Mom

Here Mom – Take these out, it’ll be a better picture.


Pouting – Teasing would be boring without seeing its effects.

Hidden Fruits

Hidden Fruits – Are usually the ones that taste the sweetest.

I’m Going to

I’m Going to – Every last one of you motherf*****s.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing – Ironing just got a whole lot cooler.. for epic deutsch bags.

Glass Doors

Glass Doors -Make some of the best fails happen.