Your Daughter

Your Daughter – Life was so different when she was five.


Success – Just because you’re on the fast track, doesn’t mean that you will reach your goal.

Overspeeding Anime

Over speeding – There really is only one true way to drive. And that’s fast. Really, really, fast.


Paparazzi – Sucking the life out of celebrities one click at a time.

Poor Girl

Poor Girl – She don’t have money for clothes.


Comfort – We’re working on that.

Essentials Anime

Essentials – I like my bikinis like my exams. Short, simple and only covers the important parts.

Beach Anime

Beach – Because every anime character have to be seen in a swimsuit at least once.


Meth – It’s worse than Kryptonite.

Family Planning

Family Planning – Something that should be available to everyone yet there are those who see that it is stopped.

The Internet

The Internet – I used to think my family was weird. Then I got the internet.


Oppaitunity – Grasp it with both hands.

Two Airbags

Airbags – Two are always better then one.

Just Beer

Beer – Yeah, I didn’t see at first either.

Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues – It’s people like this who ensure that Sigmund Freud will always have a following.